Public Relations for Legal Services

The depth of topics covered by law firms is vast. Attorneys may specialize in everything from real estate to data security and privacy law, energy/environment, litigation, education, sustainability, and more. Along with legal consultation and assistance, law firms play an integral part in the development and growth of companies across this range of industries. Regardless of industry, trust and credibility are crucial for law firms looking to enhance their business development efforts. Strategic PR and marketing builds trust and credibility by positioning attorneys as industry leaders and getting their stories in front of receptive audiences. 


Telling your story

Just as you’re adept at crafting the legal strategy for your clients, our team of seasoned PR professionals know how to take your story and turn it into media opportunities. We are well-connected and well-versed in positioning attorneys as industry thought leaders in both law, and the practice areas in which they focus. A stronger media presence will increase name recognition, build trust and credibility among clients and prospects, and generate qualified leads.

This fast-paced, digital world can be complicated to navigate, and by the time you figure out where your firm fits into the equation, the moment’s over. A great PR and marketing agency can connect the dots and pivot with the marketplace, giving your firm a disproportionate advantage and enabling you to outpace your competitors.


PR for Legal Services

Your reputation and credibility are everything. Our comprehensive PR strategies identify the right publications for you and your practice areas to ensure a sizeable ROI. Secured press hits including podcasts, articles, fireside chats, and more, will increase your brand awareness and credibility, attracting new investors and clients alike.

Content Marketing for Legal Services

Our full-service content marketing team can educate the masses by tailoring your messaging for many audiences. This allows you to boost visibility, increase industry authority, and amplify your message. With a strong understanding of SEO, our writers can ensure that your content reaches your target audiences.

Social Media Strategy for Legal Services

A social media strategy is a must-have in a digitally dominant world. Trust is important among existing and prospective consumers, and social media allows you to nurture that bond directly. The more your audience is aware of your social presence, the higher your chance of converting those followers to actual clients.

case studies

Averaged 9.57M unique visitors per month, 235 social media shares, and more than 36K journalist views and 12 targeted […]
Secured 600 press release pickups and earned 31.4k estimated views and an audience reach of 103M. […]
Gained over 1,300 new followers and 160k impressions and engagement across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter […]

Zen Media is by far the best PR team I’ve worked with in my 20 years of experience. We saw quick results in prominent publications and always felt fully supported by their team.

Keith Jensen,

CMO, Brightfin

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