Public Relations for Fintech Companies

Financial technology is an innovative way to make finances more accessible for everyday people. Transforming how we think about businesses, manage our money, and make investments, fintech companies help introduce thousands of people to the banking system. With all that exposure and access, it’s only right to ensure your fintech brand stands out as the best and only choice.


Telling your story

It’s important to explain all the options at their disposal—one of the biggest challenges in this industry. The complexity of distilling highly technical concepts into digestible, value-driven messages is hard to perfect but vital for successful fintech B2Bs. A strategic PR and marketing partnership can transform your brand.
Our Mixed Marketing Model incorporates traditional PR with digital initiatives like social media campaigns, influencer marketing, and SEO-optimized blogging to help fintech companies reach their ideal customers, generate leads, and grow revenue. Our experts distribute compelling messaging about your brand’s values to relevant audiences. Media training will help you tell your story through podcasts and interviews to broaden your visibility and place you as an authoritative voice in industry conversations.


PR for Fintech

Our PR strategy includes the essentials, from pitching media to press releases and securing placements in top-tier publications, including the Associated Press, Forbes, and Yahoo! Finance. We provide traditional and digital PR to amplify your message, increase brand awareness, and win you the best, most qualified leads.

Content Marketing for Fintech

Our full-service content marketing team can support you if you want to grow the company blog, find a ghostwriter for bylined articles, or develop case studies that showcase your brand’s differentiators. We infuse SEO strategy into our content development so you can expand your brand’s reach.

Social Media Strategy for Fintech

Social media is a wonderful way for financial institutions to show up in the digital marketplace. Our team can take you there with our social strategies, content creation, community management, and paid ads initiatives.

case studies

Secured 170+ pieces of coverage, and acquired 262 engagements on social media platforms within the 90-day campaign. […]
Secured 210 press hits and a reach of more than 370 million at the end of our 60-day campaign. […]

Working with the team at Zen Media felt like a true partnership in every sense of the word. Each project was met with enthusiasm, care and extreme attention to detail. We saw direct positive impact from our efforts together and the team continuously went above and beyond to drive the best possible outcomes for us. I look forward to collaborating with Zen again in the future!

Stacy Woloschuk,

VP, Customer and Partner Experience, Brim Financial

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