Public relations for Enterprise Technology

Enterprise technology makes it easier for entire organizations to work seamlessly and achieve their respective goals by streamlining workflows, improving communication, and providing access to data—productivity and business efficiency reach a new level. To avoid consumer complaints, confusion, and technical inefficiency, enterprise technology companies must craft clear, compelling messages to differentiate their brands from a broad market of competitors.


Telling your story

Enterprise tech companies need the ultimate solution for improving trust, credibility, and the customer experience within their brand. While enterprise technology solutions are designed to increase efficiency within an organization, Zen Media is designed to create a message that resonates with your consumers and helps your enterprise tech PR keep a competitive edge.

Our digital campaigns hone in on effective market strategies that emphasize the human aspect of the tech world, building trust with consumers and strengthening their experience throughout their sales journey.


PR for Enterprise Tech Companies

Innovation has created a greater need to step up messaging, storytelling, and a shareable narrative. Our combined PR strategy of both traditional and digital methods will present you to the press, stakeholders, analysts, and so many more. It’s time to show the public how valuable your insights are.

Content Marketing for Enterprise Technology Companies

A thorough strategy with our full-service content marketing team will boost your visibility and communicate your value to your audience. The more you update your communication channels with consistent content, the higher your chances of becoming a thought leader in your field.

Social Media Strategy for Enterprise Tech Companies

By having a consistent presence with social media marketing, your brand has opportunities for honest communication with your customers and making their experience more rewarding and engaging. You can also learn what your target audience wants and answer their niche questions.

case studies

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Nixplay, a Hong Kong-based company, needed a comprehensive digital strategy to take its cloud wifi-based frame from being an […]

Not only is Zen juggling multiple interviews, speaking, awards, and pitching opportunities for us, but they are always brainstorming new and interesting angles that we could be taking to the media, as well as researching our industry and the publications that our peers and competitors appear in.

Inscribe went from owning only 4% of the SOV against our competitors before working with Zen to owning 84% SOV! This is the type of care and attention that always makes me want to work with a forward-thinking boutique firm like Zen Media over an institutional PR firm that would barely give a startup like us the time of day. 

Brianna Valleskey,

Head of Content, Inscribe

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