Public relations for B2B SaaS

The B2B SaaS industry is booming, allowing companies to optimize their sales, marketing, and customer care services to enhance performance and generate more revenue. Their products enable high availability, scalability, and reliability for other companies, but how can SaaS businesses help themselves grow? B2B software companies need big-picture thinkers from a seasoned marketing agency to help discover, design, and oversee an effective marketing program; they need people like us.


Telling your story

Companies creating cloud-based software solutions other businesses use for various tasks are in high demand. Saas businesses can promote the benefits of remote data sharing and the latest software encryption levels, but consumers won’t fully understand that jargon without the proper messaging. That’s where PR for SaaS comes in.

The digital campaigns we craft for our SaaS clients have extended brand reach and recognition, resulting in more qualified leads, and increased conversion rates. We’re experts at amplifying your message and showcasing why your B2B solutions are top-tier.


PR for B2B SaaS

Our PR team members help businesses enter their customers’ world and connect with them on a level they understand. We aim to thoroughly understand your company’s strengths and use that to target buyers and identify the most suitable publications to win placements and features.

Content Marketing for B2B SaaS

With a content marketing strategy, SaaS businesses can develop a voice that becomes recognizable and trustworthy, connecting with potential leads and ensuring they feel empowered to choose your brand as the one they need.

Social Media Strategy for B2B SaaS

Reach the high-level decision-makers in your target audience with social media strategies such as PPC ads, high-quality designs, and original content—all crafted by our in-house team of professionals. Let us create a strategic game plan that’s guaranteed to yield results.

case studies

Secured 600 press release pickups and earned 31.4k estimated views and an audience reach of 103M. […]

Zen Media is by far the best PR team I’ve worked with in my 20 years of experience. We saw quick results in prominent publications and always felt fully supported by their team.

Keith Jensen,

CMO, Brightfin

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