How to Create and Manage a Business Blog

How to create and manage a business blog? I have been receiving this question a lot lately, so I thought I would address it here. If you are an independent service professional or a professional services firm, there is absolutely NO excuse for you not to have a blog. The most common excuses are these- 1) I don’t know how to create one and 2) I am not sure if it is for us. Let me address number two in the most simple manner possible-Creating a business blog is the right move for your business, and I really don’t have to know WHAT your business is in order to assert that.

As for excuse number one, I will provide you with three simple steps on how to create and manage a business blog. No more excuses!

1) Figure out what you want to convey- Every business should have a blog, but not every business needs to be conveying the same information. Decide what you would like to use your business blog for- Will it be to communicate with prospects? Will it be to communicate with the media? It is fine for your business blog to have multiple goals. I just want you to be really clear on what they are. Also, think in terms of the attitude you want to convey with your blog. Is it a corporate feel? Do you want to convey your company’s fun attitude or creative flair? Deciding what your message should be is the first step.

2) Choose a Platform- These days there are plenty of great platform choices when looking to build and host your blog. Some are free and some are paid services. It doesn’t matter if you use a free or paid platform. What does matter, is that you keep your own URL. So, avoid "" or "". Use your own URL. This blog is built using WordPress and I highly recommend it. WordPress is free and supported completely by users. I absolutely love it. There are free themes and it is easy to build a simple blog. If you are looking for something more customized, then I suggest you let a professional build it and then you can manage it. Content management is a breeze with WordPress. I have also heard great things about TypePad, which is a paid service.

3) Write!- The third step is to write relevant content. You don’t have to be a fantastic writer, because blogs are usually written in a more informal/conversational manner. If you can carry a clear chat with a friend, you can write your blog. If the idea of writing is still very daunting for you, hire a ghost writer. There are lots of talented free lance writers out there.

The most important thing to remember about creating your business blog is that it is a process. Even once you have a great platform, you need to keep the content fresh. I have had many clients who were hesitant at first, but let the idea grow on them. Now, they attract the majority of their clients through their blog!


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  1. Hi Shama
    I agree that having a blog is a great way for a small business owner to develop a stronger relationship with their customers. They can establish expertise and build rapport. Both of these lead to greater customer loyalty.

    I have a question about ghost writers – do they actually write posts with a distinct personality that sound as though the blogger were writing it or do they create generic posts on relevant topics?

    p.s. I agree wordpress is a great tool

    • All of my quseotins settled—thanks!

  2. Hi Liz,

    Always a pleasure to hear from a wordpress fan. :) Good ghost writers can usually do both! They can “take on” the character of the business or keep it generic-depending on the needs of the actual business owner.

    Great question! I appreciate your comments.

  3. Great post. I never thought about number 3 before!

  4. Hi Shama, Thanks to your wise advice about blogging I am getting known to others out in the Internet World, and in fact was asked to blog on some else’s blog. Thanks for the great advice.


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