Dear Shama…Business Blogging-is it for us?

Dear Shama,

We are an IT company that works primarily with small and medium sized businesses in our local region. However, we would like to spread our wings now and reach more people. Our experts are fantastic. I mean-we know our stuff! However, marketing isn’t our thing. Imagine an office full of geeks (good looking ones), but geeks nonetheless. We are familiar with blogging-we reads lots of tech blogs. Now, we are considering if a business blog may be the way for us to go in order to expand our reach. And if so, how do we start? What do you think?

-IT Studs in Toronto

Dear IT Studs in Toronto,

The simple answer to your question is yes. Yes, you should start a business blog if you are trying to expand your reach. A business blog is a great way to 1) showcase your skills, and 2) to reach a broader audience.

For a beginner’s lesson in business blogging check out How to Create and Manage a Business Blog. As a technical person, you may have the inclination to “optimize” your blog with widgets galore. Resist this urge at first, and focus on writing truly solid content. How-to posts do well in the business blog world. You will need to reach out to fellow bloggers, and friends and family to get initial traffic on the website. Also, put your blog address on your business cards and in your email signatures. You will need all the traction you can get when starting out.

I also recommend getting a subscription to Word Tracker and optimizing your posts with keyword rich content. This will help drive organic search engine traffic to your blog, and it will will help Google index your pages faster. Last but not least, have patience. A business blog takes time to build and sustain, but the efforts are well worth it in the long run.

Best of Luck!


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