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The Challenge

A referendum was launched in California that aimed to ban certain Oil & Gas procedures. If passed, it would threaten a local energy company’s entire business and operations. The vote on the referendum was only 90 days away, and our client desperately needed a digital marketing strategy to reach, educate, and convince their hyper-targeted audience to oppose the referendum.

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The Strategy

First, we launched a blog that would serve as a hub of information about the company, the community, and the referendum. We then created and managed social channels that would give our client a voice in the discussion and allow them to engage with individuals in the community. We also launched an email campaign, reaching out to past supporters of the company and spreading the news about the referendum.

In order to connect with citizens and educate the local community, we produced informational videos and digitally spearheaded a series of community events designed to engage citizens and help them understand the local work processes and procedures.

The Results

During the campaign, the blog garnered over 2,248 unique visitors, with social media accounting for nearly half the traffic to the blog. Facebook videos reached an average of 5,712 voters, the company’s Twitter the reached over 76,000 people, and the email campaigns had an excellent open rate of 38.7%.

But the most important success of the campaign came on Election Day 2014, when voters headed to the polls and struck down the referendum.

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