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Real Estate

The Challenge

We were called on by a Fortune 500 Consulting firm to help one of their key clients in the Middle East, a global bank and land developer, to reach, educate, and convince their hyper-targeted audience to purchase the residential homes being built. Adding to the complex challenge were cultural nuances of the community and stigmas around buying ready-made homes vs. building from the ground up.

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The Strategy

Through a series of interviews and workshops with key stakeholders, both internal and external, we were able to extract key elements which would help move the community to purchase the homes. We spearheaded a strategy which included both digital and experiential components, and laid out steps for implementation of the strategy.

In order to have the houses feel more like “homes” and to engage the community, we recommended a robust experiential design and influencer marketing plan which would turn model homes from mere sales centers to experiential centers which included bringing in local chefs for cooking demos in the kitchen to pop-up designer shops in the living room.

The Results

The innovative and experiential approach shifted the way the developers were thinking about the challenge. With Zen MADE’s guidance and strategic influence, they were able to change their focus from attempting to overcome a stigma to totally changing the conversation. By changing the conversation, and thus the overall narrative, from one about the resistance to ready-made houses to the exciting and novel social events that were popping up on the site (and being endorsed and shared by influencers), the client was able to circumvent the community’s preconceptions and capitalize on emerging trends, thus attracting the right attention and presenting as a bonafide status symbol.

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