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Your 2013 Online Marketing Checklist

Your 2013 Online Marketing Checklist

‘Tis the season to make a list – and check it twice!  What kind of a list?  An online marketing checklist for 2013, of course. No matter how hectic your holiday is, it’s a sure bet that reviewing your 2012 results and making sure that you’re on track for 2013 is on your priority list – and if not, it should be!

What do you need to have in place to insure that 2013 meets (or exceeds) your marketing goals?  How can you make sure that you’re monitoring the right analytics, and measuring the right metrics, to make the best decisions about priorities and spending?

Here’s a sample online marketing checklist to get you started.  If you need help with any item on the checklist, be sure to contact The Zen Media Group to see how we can help you make 2013 the best year yet.


  • Do your brand impressions (the number of mentions of your brand vs. the number of mentions of your competitor – that is, when someone talks about your brand by name without including contact information or links) and brand volume (this is how many times your brand is mentioned over a given period) deliver the search engine results page rank you want?  (If you’re not on the first page of Google and Bing search results, then SEO may be an area to focus on for 2013.)

Online Marketing Plan

  • Does your online marketing plan include both earned and paid media?
    • What’s your spending mix between PPC (pay-per-click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads?
    • Are you using multi-channel marketing communications to deliver your message across channels? (Email, social media, PR, advertising, and content marketing all work better when you use at least three of the five channels together to create “buzz” about a specific topic – and then turn that buzz into leads.)
  • Have you included mobile search, text messages, and mobile-friendly email and eNewsletters in your plan?
  • Have you designed your online marketing plan to deliver a clear call to action?  (Not every social media post needs a call to action, but it’s difficult to prove results over the long haul if you don’t build your call to action in from the beginning!)

Company Website

  • Is your website delivering conversions – turning casual readers into content consumers who subscribe to your blog or newsletter, download your collateral and white papers, and opt-in for your email lists?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly, or have you deployed a mobile website?
  • Do you frequently add new content, and do you have a content marketing calendar in place for at least the first quarter of 2013? (A content plan for your website helps to keep you from getting caught up in the day-to-day workload, which is important because fresh content is vital to drawing repeat visitors to your site.)

Social Media

  • Company Blog
    • Do you have an editorial calendar in place?
    • How many new posts are you planning each week?
    • What keywords are you going to optimize for in your blog copy?
    • What’s your strategy for using links to convert blog visitors into visitors or subscribers to your website?
    • Key measurement criteria for blog:  Google Analytics page views, clicks on links embedded in blog posts, referrals to blog from other blogs and social networks, mentions or pick-ups in other blogs/media, comments, and likes.
  • Facebook Fan Page
    • Do you have a plan in place to share a mix of relevant links, engaging content, videos, and polls?
    • How many new posts will you make daily or weekly?
    • What’s your plan to engage with influencers and customers through comments, likes, and following their posts?
    • Key measurement criteria for Facebook: Google Analytics statistics on referred traffic from Facebook to company website, Facebook fan growth and likes, clicks on links embedded in Facebook posts, mentions or links to Facebook fan page shared by others.
  • LinkedIn
    • Is your LinkedIn company page up to date?
    • How often will you post new content to the LinkedIn company page via status update?
    • What LinkedIn groups does your company follow and participate in?
    • Is your company actively monitoring and participating in LinkedIn Q&A?
    • Key measurement criteria for LinkedIn:  LinkedIn connections, discussions, and click-through on links shared in Groups or status updates.
  • Google+
    • Is your Google+ profile optimized for SEO?
    • Do you have a methodology in place to share engaging content, videos, images, and relevant links from across the company’s digital media to Google+?
    • Who is assigned to comment on relevant posts in other Google+ circles?
    • What’s the plan to utilize Google Hangouts, and how will you promote your activities there?
    • Key measurement criteria for Google+: SEO and page rank, click-through on links shared in Google+, referred traffic to other company sites/links, Google+ Circle adds/followers, Google+ mentions
  • Pinterest
    • Do you have a plan to create boards for target audiences by demographic, and promote products, trends, tips, etc.?
    • Follow other businesses, thought leaders, customers, vendors, and partners
    • Key measurement criteria for Pinterest: Pinterest followers, Pinterest pins and follows, Pinterest as a referral site to other company sites via link click-through
  • Twitter
    • Use a social CRM app to schedule and manage multiple daily Twitter posts for company messages to promote content (Blog, Facebook, press release, other) through Twitter
    • Segment influencers and create lists
    • Test promoted Tweets, and if successful expand their use
    • Listen to relevant conversations
    • Build reputation and thought leadership by following other businesses, thought leaders, customers, vendors/designers and partners, and interacting with them regularly via retweets, replies, and direct messages.
    • Key measurement criteria for Twitter: Increase in followers, mentions, retweets and reach, replies reach, number of lists that include the company, social capital (influence) of Twitter followers, Kred/Klout score for our Twitter account

Of course, there are other digital marketing tools that are likely to be part of your year-end checklist, such as email, content marketing, and public relations.  One thing that should be on your list if it isn’t already is taking time to talk to a strategic partner like The Zen Media Group about getting help for 2013.  Whether it’s a one-time project or a completely outsourced online marketing program, we can help you deliver results on time and within your budget.

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What's your moment?
Daily videos to ignite your momentum

Receive daily videos with strategies, best practices, and litmus tests for discovering and igniting your moment. 

What's your moment?
Daily videos to ignite your momentum

What's your moment? Daily videos to ignite your momentum

Receive daily videos with strategies, best practices, and litmus tests for discovering and igniting your moment.