What’s The True Cost of SEO?


Transcription of “What’s The True Cost of SEO?”

Shama: Why is good SEO not cheaper? I mean really, why isn’t it that you can’t pay a few hundred bucks and have the web site top of the search engines and get traffic. What goes into that?

Idan: It takes time and takes a lot of resources. When we are talking about content, when we are talking about a building a web site, when we are talking about bringing out links, when we are talking about branding your product, all these things take a very long time and you cannot achieve that with just $200 where you just pay this person.

Shama: It is not one person. You have a team of six that you’ve got all these people who are doing all these things for you and so it’s not just one person. I mean you do this strategy obviously for our clients at Zen Media but you’ve got all these other people putting in the time and effort, but the cool thing is I think with SEO especially, the ROI is so transparent. I think even with social media you’ve to got to be able to look at different angles. You look at a lot of different matrix but with search it’s a very also pretty simple equation, you get rent, you get traffic, you get leads, cha-ching!

Idan: Yeah and it’s an ongoing thing and you can actually see if you don’t do anything with the web site, it goes down. If you do a lot with the web site and you connect all those elements that we were talking about, SEO paid advertising, social, E-mail, newsletter everything together, you’re really going to see an increase in traffic and an increase in ROI.

Shama: You are a fan of Google analytics and use that for a lot of your clients. Aside from Google analytics is there any other that you recommend that you think is really cool for analyzing web sites or do you think Google analytics is pretty robust. You just sort of have to play with it a little bit?

Idan: I love Google analytics. I’m a big fan of it. There are other Google analytics software that are really good and they might be really good for high end companies like Fortune 500 companies that really needs to.

Shama: If you have the resources, then yes you should invest in that.

Idan: Absolutely. Absolutely. If you do have the resources, you should invest in something a little bit more robust but actually Google analytics has a little bit more robust software as well. For us, Google analytics is free. It gives you tons of data that you can utilize and track and analyze and tweak of course because that’s important.

Shama: For most small to medium-sized companies, it’s only Google analytics serves your needs?

Idan: Absolutely.

Shama: Perfect. I know you are a fan of Google.

Idan: Yeah, yeah, I love it.


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