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Stuck in the Middle: Marketing to Generation X

July 21, 2015

This is the third part of our series Multi-Generational Marketing, where we teach you how to target individuals in the Millennial, X, and Baby Boomer…

8 Steps in Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

August 21, 2013

Making sure your business has a presence on social media is just a normal part of business as usual these days. If you want to…

How to Market a Conference: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Event a Success

November 5, 2019

So you’re hosting a conference. You’ve lined up the speakers, scheduled the food trucks, and reserved the hotel block. The agenda is set, with the…

Zen Media Meets Gary Vee: Overlapping Insights for Building Your Brand

September 6, 2019

At the recent Chase for Business National Conference in Columbus, Ohio, Zen Media’s own Francisco Martinez, VP of Social Media and Influencer Marketing, was honored…

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Color in Marketing

February 13, 2015

It’s something that’s so elementary to any image that we sometimes don’t think much about it. And yet it’s also one of the most important…

9 Essential Elements of an Effective Blog

May 22, 2014

So, you want to write the perfect blog post. A blog post that attracts clicks, likes, and shares. A blog post that gets read all…

15 Foolproof Ideas for B2B Blog Posts

January 25, 2017

B2B blogs can be a challenge for even the most experienced content marketer. There’s the issue of tone, for example. You have to maintain one…

Social Media Must-Haves: Proactive and Reactive Social Strategies

May 31, 2017

If you’re just starting out with your social media marketing, you’re probably spending a lot of time planning out your social media calendar, posting images…

The 12 Days of Christmas Day 3: The Importance of Email Marketing

December 3, 2015

It’s day three of the Shama TV 12 Days of Christmas contest! Have you subscribed to the Shama TV channel yet? If you haven’t, make…

5 Awesome Digital Marketing Strategies for Niche Businesses

September 21, 2016

While the internet has changed marketing for businesses of every shape and size, perhaps one of the most transformed over the past couple of decades…


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