MZ Weekly News Round-Up: Changes to Google Authorship & A New Way to Re-Tweet


Google is bringing about some serious change to authorship in its search results. Previously, underneath the URL of a result, Google would show the name of the author, the author’s profile photo, and his or her circle count on Google+. Now, the photo and circle count will be dropped, apparently to make the design look less cluttered. A representative stated that click-through rates with the less-cluttered look are around the same, though that remains to be seen.

Google is beginning to process and remove approved page submissions through the Right To Be Forgotten Form. Right To Be Forgotten is a ruling made by the European Court of Justice in May which declares that EU citizens could request for search engines to remove links to pages deemed private, though the pages themselves will continue to exist on the Internet. Hundreds of thousands of pages are estimated to have been submitted since the ruling.


Amtrak will soon be working on implementing its own high-speed wifi network for passengers on its Northeast Corridor lines, which travel between Boston, New York, and Washington DC. Amtrak’s current network offers speeds of 10 Mbps, and the improvements would boost that to a minimum of 25 Mbps. Currently, the company’s speed limitations prevent passengers from performing high-bandwidth actions like streaming music and video or downloading large files. The new network would allow passengers to use the Internet for both leisure and work-related tasks while traveling.

Social Media:

Late last year, reports circulated that teens and other young users of Facebook weren’t using the social media platform as much anymore, preferring the services of Twitter and Tumblr. A recent survey from Forrester Research, however, indicates that Facebook is making a comeback in that younger demographic. The survey polled 4517 U.S. teens and tweens, and half of those respondents claim that they are using Facebook more frequently than they did a year ago. 28% of respondents say they’re on Facebook “all the time,” a higher percentage than for any other service. Instagram, in terms of time spent on the network, was runner-up to Facebook, followed by Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, and WhatsApp.

Rumor has it that Twitter is testing a “retweet with comment” button, which would allow users more space to add their thoughts when retweeting something from other users. The new button displays the original tweet in a card format and then allows the retweeter a full 140 characters to add a new comment, according to screenshots. Twitter is declining to comment on this new feature.


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