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Good PR and successful marketing strategy rely on relevance, so we’re bringing you a roundup of relevant blogs, posts and talks to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry.

On the radar in the tech world: Twitter’s new “super follow” feature

Yesterday, Twitter announced that it will be testing a new paid subscription option on the platform called “super follows.” The new feature will make it possible for some users to offer exclusive content to subscribers who pay to be part of the service.

Here’s what’s interesting: One of the foundations of the success of social media is that it is free and accessible to all, if you have access to internet connection. This paid subscription offering brings to light a new trend in social media platforms: exclusivity.

Consider Clubhouse, a new audio-first platform, and how you can only join the platform if you are invited. This layer of exclusivity has done two things for the platform. First, it’s generated buzz around the social media outlet because invitations have become a hot commodity. Second, it’s highlighted how social media users want to feel like they are a part of something (a community, a knowledge-base, a group of thought leaders).

This new Twitter feature could start a trend on platforms, offering an exclusivity that meets that longstanding desire of social media users: to form connection and reach people.

Digital marketing strategy, practically speaking: How to use Clubhouse

Have you heard about Clubhouse? It’s the newest social media app generating tons of buzz. The platform is audio-only and you can only access it, right now, if you are an iPhone user and you have an invite.

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If it feels like there are too many social media platforms to keep up with, we get it. That said, consider Clubhouse as an opportunity to try out new aspects of digital marketing.

How can your brand or business use Clubhouse to drive viewers to your website, products and services? Clubhouse is a great platform to develop your voice as a thought leader in your industry. Use the platform to highlight your expertise in your field, solidify your voice, and grow a following.

Here’s a nugget of encouragement: it’s far easier to grow a following on a platform like Clubhouse in its early stages, when it has fewer users, than it is to grow a following on long-established platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Bragging rights, right? Our latest PR and digital marketing work in the AI industry

One of our AI clients won big this week. The LinkedIn ads we’ve been creating and promoting for them got a 54% conversion rate.

That’s huge! For most LinkedIn ads, a conversion rate anywhere between 5% and 20% is considered good.

Want to see these changes for your brand? Come work with us.

A quote to send you on your way

We’ve been talking a lot about thought leadership lately, and we think Walt Disney sums up the concept really well:

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” – Walt Disney


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