B2B eCommerce: Here’s 5 Things You Must Know

February 14, 2020

B2B ecommerce used to barely register on the scale of “important things for your B2B brand to focus on.” Until recently, ecommerce was generally relegated to the B2C realm—but today, as B2B’s digital footprint is […]

5 Things B2B Companies Need to Know About Marketing to B2B Millennials

February 11, 2020

Today’s workforce consists of three generations of employees, and this year, one is set to comprise 50 percent of it all — Millennials. In 2020, the Millennial generation is going to make up half of […]

B2B Email Marketing: The New Rules

February 3, 2020

B2B Email Marketing: The New Rules Email marketing has been a critical element of b2b marketing since the world went digital. Most b2b companies have historically embraced this, sending out regular e-newsletters and updates to […]

9 Excellent Examples of B2B Ecommerce

January 29, 2020

Running a B2B ecommerce store is a complex undertaking—much more complex than B2C. Clients expect more customization and options than B2C customers typically do. The differences between products are often quite nuanced. Payment methods are […]

The Ultimate Guide to b2b Marketing

January 24, 2020

If you’ve spent much time in the b2b world recently, you’ll have noticed something. The best b2b marketing—the kind that holds your attention and makes you actually want to engage with a brand—looks more and […]

How to Personalize at Scale for Your B2B

December 24, 2019

Without accurate, up-to-the-minute personalization, B2B businesses don’t stand a chance. Connected consumers today expect the companies they interact with to know who they are and what they’re interested in, regardless of whether the brand is […]

How to Whitelist Email Addresses

December 20, 2019

We don’t want to end up in your spam folder! Here’s how you can add us (and any email address) to your address book, whitelist, or safe sender list.  Android Tap the image of the […]

How B2B Companies Can Exceed Digital Expectations

December 18, 2019

B2B customers are the same people who order their groceries online, check in to flights on their phones, and Google reviews of products they’re considering while standing in-store. And yet, when it comes to the […]

Zen Holiday Video Campaign for the Navy Exchange Honored with MarCom Gold Award

December 9, 2019

We’re honored to announce that our holiday video We Believe: It’s More Than Just a Toy was awarded a MarCom Gold Award in the Government and Corporate Image categories. MarCom is one of the oldest, […]

Gen Z and Money: Here’s How Banks are Adapting to the Next Generation of Connected Consumers

December 6, 2019

Google already holds your online identity, your passwords, your email, and your shopping preferences. So how would you feel about them handling your money?  Google’s banking (no pun intended) on the fact that you’ll be […]


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