When Tragedy Strikes, Tweet Responsibly

April 16, 2013

Many of us remember the morning of September 11, 2001 vividly.  Depending on where you live,  you may have been driving in to the office and hearing  cryptic reports coming out of New York City […]

Avoiding Bashtags and Other Twitter Disasters

April 12, 2013

Early last year, McDonalds created the Twitter hashtag #McDStories. The restaurant chain wanted to introduce “some of the hard-working people dedicated to providing McDs with quality food every day.” What happened next was one of […]

The Great Social Customer Service Race – 14 Top Brands Tested on Social Support Savvy

January 8, 2013

Guest post by Ashley Furness. Ashley is a market analyst with Software Advice, a lead generation and research advisory firm that offers software reviews and comparisons.  Today, consumers tend to base their purchase decisions on reviews, social media and […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Twitter Hashtags

September 20, 2012

Using hashtags to further your businesses Twitter marketing campaign. In the world of social media, it is not simply enough to create a profile page or account for your business in hopes of reaching out […]

Ask Shama: Do I Need Multiple Twitter Accounts?

November 24, 2011

If you have more than one business, do you need Twitter accounts to match? Our marketing expert Shama Kabani has the answer. Editor’s note: The marriage of technology and communication has been a boon to […]

Why I Unfollowed Everyone on Twitter

December 3, 2010

Yes. I recently unfollowed 16,100 people on Twitter. Here is my story. Once upon a time there was a land named Twitterville. It was inhabited by 2000 wonderful, loving, geeky people. They shared stories, laughed […]

How to Lose a Follower in 10 Tweets – or Less

August 8, 2009

Everyone is talking about how to get Twitter followers – but do you know the fastest way to lose them? Here are 10 bullet proof tweets to make someone unfollow you. Fast! 1) Get 30,000 […]

Why I Quit Auto-Following on Twitter: Reflections of a Social Media Addict

March 23, 2009

I am a huge fan of scalable automation. When you average 40 new twitter follows and 20 Fb friend requests a day, it helps to streamline the process. Not of building the relationship-but the initial […]

Video on Twitter – The Next Frontier

January 19, 2009

If you have been following this blog or my work closely, you know that I love Twitter and believe that video is the next frontier online. I stumbled across a great new tool today that […]

101 Ways to Rock and Be Rocked by Twitter

November 18, 2008

By: Shama Hyder Use your real name. Save the company bit for the info section. Use a picture that shows your face. Skip the silly goggles, hats, and political stickers. Show me who you are! […]


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