Your Ultimate Guide to B2B Internet Marketing Part 5: Top Five SEO Tips

September 10, 2013

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final installment of our five-part series on business to business internet marketing. We’ve already covered B2B social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and digital public relations. Today, we’ll […]

How to Increase Your Website Traffic via Link Building – Part 2

August 28, 2013

Welcome back, class! If you’ve gotten started following the directions in our previous blog post on link building (Hey, high five, A+ student!), you’ve already got amazing content on your website, and have sought out […]

How to Increase Your Website Traffic via Link Building – Part 1

August 27, 2013

So you’ve built a great website for your business. It looks good, and it’s full of awesome content. But you’re just not getting as many visitors as you’d like. What can you do to remedy […]

How to Build a Business Website That Converts

August 23, 2013

Here’s the thing: Everybody and their dog has a website these days. You have to. If you’re going to do business in any way, shape, or form, an online presence is par for the course. […]

How to Use Google Plus for Business Networking

August 20, 2013

Everybody knows that professional networking is a huge part of marketing, right?  Duh! That’s why LinkedIn is such a vital part of any business marketing strategy. Potential clients are attracted to businesses whose owners and employees […]

7 Tips For Successful B2B Blogs

June 20, 2013

Blogs are an important part of any online marketing strategy, and getting your blog noticed can be difficult. It can also be hard to make sure that your B2B, or business to business, blog posts […]

5 Things to Avoid When Using Stock Photography

June 18, 2013

It has become a staple in the business-blogger’s world to use stock photography. Coming up with content is already hard, but trying to find photos that match your content without violating copyright laws can sometimes […]

The Never-ending Battle Between Content and SEO

June 6, 2013

One would think that the development of content would involve the integration of SEO in a natural, normalized way. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain a creative marketing strategy since there is often conflict […]

The Top 3 Ways to Be Crowned “The Queen of Social Media” by Inc. Magazine

June 4, 2013

Last week, the team here at The Zen Media Group was thrilled to receive word that company CEO Shama Kabani is included in Inc. Magazine’s elite list of ’30 Under 30′ young entrepreneurs for 2013. […]

4 Reasons To Include Yelp In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

June 3, 2013

This user review site can greatly influence your relationship with consumers. There are many different social platforms out there that businesses know they should be paying attention to in order to increase exposure and connect […]


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