Why Review Sites Matter For Your Business

August 14, 2012

  Transcription of “Why Review Sites Matter For Your Business”: Shama: I know you also stress a lot about review sites. What is it about review sites like Yelp and others that are important to […]

The Biggest Social Media “Don’ts” For Businesses

August 1, 2012

Be sure that your company avoids these common social media mistakes. It is no secret that social media is a large part of business marketing and promotion in this day and age. If you are […]

10 Things to Do Immediately After a Networking Event

March 31, 2009

The true color of networking is often revealed after the event itself. The emails that get traded, the connections we make, and the relationships that continue to grow. Here are 10 things to do immediately […]

Aloha Social Media Summit of the Year

September 27, 2008

October 6 & 7, 2008, in Boulder, Colorado A World-Class Mastermind Event! Hosted by Andy Beal and Dave Taylor Expert Participants: • Om Malik, CEO of GigaOM, • Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter • Peter […]

5 Lessons I Learned at BlogWorld Expo 08

September 24, 2008

By: Shama Hyder 1) A full house can boost your confidence. I love speaking about topics I am passionate about- online marketing, social media, community building, but a room full of twitterers can make the […]

Top 7 Resources You Had No Clue Existed

August 21, 2008

By: Shama Hyder 1) Otengo– Want to send your wedding video to a friend? How about a few presentations to a colleague? Use Otengo. It allows you to send huge files in minutes. Best part: […]

Startup BizCast Podcast – Marketing During a Recession

January 30, 2008

By: Shama Hyder The dynamic Steve Mullen had me over as a guest on his online radio show last week. We talked more in depth about my earlier article on Selling During Stormy Times. You […]

A New Paradigm of Doing Business

January 28, 2008

By: Shama Hyder Another article inspired by the Godin-Meister. The old way of doing business went something like this- Come up with Idea–>Edit–>Launch Business This is the NEW model– Come up with Idea–>Launch—>Edit—>Launch–>Tweak—>Relaunch The new […]

Marketing from Within – How to Promote your Company’s Intranet

January 10, 2008

By: Shama Hyder Currently, we are working with two clients (both non-profits) who are struggling with the same issue-marketing their intranet. We often think about marketing as an external practice, but it is just as […]

How to Solve Ethical Dilemmas in Business

October 17, 2007

Recently I made a big purchase on eBay, only to receive fake goods. I contacted the seller, and the seller has offered a full refund but continues to protest that his products are real. A […]


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