BlogWorld Expo – Insider Scoop – Day 2

Well, Vegas was definitely a blast and the BlogWorld Expo was inspiring. I got to meet some bloggers that I really admire. Here is the short list- Liz Strauss, Dave Taylor, Andy Wibbels, Jason Shellen, Glenn Reynolds, Stephan Spencer, Scott Allen. A definite thank you to Rick Calvert for organizing this huge event!

And here are the main takeaways-

Thursday, November 08, 2007

How to get Slightly Famous by Steven Van Yoder

Take a multimedia approach to marketing your business.

6 Step Process-

  1. Target the best prospects. Don’t leave success to chance.
  2. Develop a unique and focused market niche.
  3. Position your business as the best solution.
  4. Maintain your visibility. Make sure your best prospects know who you are.
  5. Enhance your credibility. Get quoted in the media.
  6. Establish your brand and your reputation.

You have to position yourself as a thought leader. You have to lead with your ideas! You can’t really rely on ads alone. People are distrustful of ads these days and you have to provide value. (He was preaching to the choir on this one! ; ))


Small Business Blogging by Scott Allen

Scott is a phenomenal speaker and this was one of my favorite sessions at the conference!

Potential Benefits of Small Business Blogging-

  • Customer Engagement- You actually get to have a conversation with your customers! It is a two way street.
  • Personal Branding/Positioning- People like to see your work. What are you all about? Your blog can say a lot more than your brochure can.
  • Industry Networking- This is one of the biggest perks. (I meet the most amazing people in my industry due to this blog.)
  • Develop Warm Market- A blog really gives potential clients a chance to warm up to you. They get to see what your work is all about before they ever contact you.

Do’s and Don’ts of Business Blogging-

  • Do-
    • Commit to regular posting
    • Be authentic
    • Spend at least 50% of your time actually networking OFFLINE
    • Be clear and consistent with your purpose (do you want more clients? do you want to attract media attention? just plain have fun?)
  • Don’t-
    • Beat yourself up if you fall behind
    • Think that means you don’t have to market in other ways
    • Let people be abusive-when leaving comments, etc.
    • Think that you have to do everything yourself

Content Models- Make sure your business blog is a mix of all below

  • Narrative
    • Customer stories/ case studies
    • Behind-the-scenes
  • Expository
    • Company news/announcements
    • How-to’s
  • Filter
    • Industry news
    • Opinion
    • Reviews
    • Resource Lists (Top 100 resources for…top 10 lists)

That’s all for day 2 folks! If you have questions or need clarification-just post in the comments below. I will get around to them all!


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