Blog Action Day- 3 Simple Business Rituals to Save the Environment

Today is Blog Action Day. Every year one topic is chosen and bloggers around the world are invited to weigh in. This year’s topic is the environment and I want to share with you three simple ways you can help the environment through your daily business rituals!

1) Change those Margins!– Did you know that just by changing your standard margins by half an inch-you can save thousands of trees? There is a grassroots campaign going on right now to convince Microsoft to change their default margins. You can do your share by simply changing your default margins. Not only will your business save paper-you will help the environment! (If you don’t know how to change your margins-go here.)

2) Recycle your Printer Cartridges– Want to help the environment AND feed the poor? Give your printer cartridges to Food for the Poor. They collect used printer cartridges and deliver them to a recycler. The funds they raise helps to feed the poor. Talk about great karma for your business!

3) Plant a Tree- Want to help the environment AND earn free marketing? Offer to plant a tree at a local school or at a home for the elderly. Then write and submit a press release. "Local Business Helps the Environment…and Thinks of our Children!"

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  1. Shama, thanks for sharing these tips for helping keep our planet/home “green”. I would have never thought about thie points you made, thank you.


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