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Using Earned Media To Promote Your Content

Using Earned Media To Promote Your Content

contentOkay, you’ve got a blog. And you publish amazing content on that blog. You keep it fresh by posting two or three times a week, at least. You use keywords, meta tags, interlinking – the whole shebang.

So why isn’t anyone reading it?

You’re doing everything right as far as creating that content. The problem is that you’re spending all your time on creation…and none on promotion.

Of course, you have to pay attention to things like keywords and provide fresh, useful content on a regular basis, or else Google won’t even give your site a second glance.

But online marketing is always evolving, and more and more, it’s becoming necessary to promote your content through outreach and earned media, as well.

What is earned media?

It’s media that you don’t own, like your company blog or social media accounts, and that you don’t pay for, like an ad. Media is earned by producing great content, and then getting a respected third party to share that content.

And it’s the process of getting that third party to share that makes up the all-important promotion necessary to get your content in front of readers.

So how can you get your content promoted via earned media? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Before you even think up a blog topic, make a list of people and sites you’d like to have promoting your content. Then take a look at the types of topics each one tends to cover. You’ll want to come up with blog topics and themes similar to those, so you stand a better chance of being relevant to them.

2. Be specific in aiming your content at a certain audience. Once you have your topic, you may want to consider naming a specific audience for it, such as “online marketing for restaurant owners.” The content you provide will still apply to others who read it, but when you make its focus a niche audience, it suddenly becomes hyper-relevant to that group of people, and much more likely to be shared.

3. Get information from authoritative sources. When you pepper your content with quotes or data from research studies or industry journals, not only do you look more expert, but you’ll get others wanting to use that same authoritative data in their own work, as well. Even if they don’t use a single other piece of your content in their own work, just the mention that they found this data on your site counts as earned media.

4. Once published, share that content for all it’s worth. This is the vital first step in getting the word out about your content. Share the link and a tantalizing description of all your company’s social media accounts, as well as on your employees’ personal social networks. Join LinkedIn groups that fit your topic, and share it with them. Send it to everyone on your email list. All your connections and followers should be aware that you’ve put out new content.

5. Reach out to influencers. Once your own audience knows about it, it’s time to start finding other audiences for that same content. If you’ve written on a theme that will fit in perfectly on one of those sites you identified in step one, send the site owner an email letting him know about your content, and asking whether he’d like to share it with his readers. If you aimed your content at a niche audience, find out who the influencers are in that niche, whether they’re bloggers, traditional journalists, or trade journal editors, and email them about it. And don’t confine yourself to emails, either – reaching out to influencers on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus, is also a great way to get earned media coverage.

6. Repeat Step 5 indefinitely. That’s right. If you write good content, it should have no expiration date, unless it’s seasonal or about something currently in the news. Even as you create and promote new content, you should also continue promoting your older content to new audiences.

If this sounds like a lot of work, that’s because…it is. But we here at Zen Media do this stuff all day, every day – it’s what we live for! So if you’d rather not deal with the hassle – and just sit back and reap the rewards – then give us a call today.




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